American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting
April 24-29, 2020 | Atlanta, Georgia

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Research Abstracts

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Austin, Ashley Cardiac Auscultation in Young Athletes: Does Murmur Presence or Character Predict Structural Disease? A 10:20am-10:29am
Brown, Matthew Higher Income Level Is Associated with Decreased Rates of Sports Specialization in Youth Athletes B 10:38am-10:47am
Chappell, Craig Median Nerve Cross Sectional Area and Clinical Outcomes Following Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release A 11:59am-12:08pm
Fehr, Shayne Biomechanical Comparison of Youth Baseball Pitchers With/Without a History of Arm Pain or Injury B 11:50am-11:59am
Harmon, Kimberly Cardiovascular Screening in the Pac-12:  Comparing History and Physical with and without ECG A 11:23am-11:32am
Hawayek, Bradley Preliminary Study of Heart Rate Variability During Rest and Head-down Tilt in Concussed Adolescents A 10:29am-10:38am
Hyde, Nicola Electrocardiogram Interpretation in NCAA Athletes: Comparison of the 'Seattle' and 'International' Criteria A 11:41am-11:50am
Knox, Jordan Descriptive Epidemiology of Concussions in Youth Mountain Bike Racing B 10:56am-11:05am
Miller, Shane Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Is Safe and Feasible for the Treatment of Pediatric Sport-Related Concussion A 10:56am-11:05am
Nadkarni, Lauren High School Ice Hockey Concussion Rates Reduced with Implementation of New Checking/Boarding Rules A 11:50am-11:59am
Nelson, Vicki The Impact of Hazing On Mental Health in Collegiate Athletes B 10:29am-10:38am
Ravi, Balaguru Heart Rate Variability during Face Cooling in Acutely Concussed Adolescents A 10:38am-10:47am
Roche, Megan Serum N-telopeptide is Associated with Low Bone Mineral Density in a Cohort of NCAA Distance Runners B 11:41am-11:50am
Ross, Brendon Ultrasonographic Detection of Knee Joint Effusions: What is the Best Method? A 11:14am-11:23am
Sederberg, Mark Exercise as a Vital Sign to Assess Levels of Physical Activity in Adults with Amputation B 11:05am-11:14am
Singh, Sonal Sleep Correlates With Faster Mile Time and Increased Triad Risk Factors in Female Runners, a Five-Year Exploratory Analysis B 11:23am-11:32am
Skorseth, Paige Prevalence of Female Athlete Triad Risk Factors in High School Distance Runners B 10:47am-10:56am
Smith, Samantha Collegiate Basketball Player Characteristics Associated with Patellar Tendon Shear Wave Elastography A 11:32am-11:41am
Smith, Michael A Comparison of Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer vs Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Estimation B 11:32am-11:41am
Sriwongtong, Michelle Sexual Abuse of Female Collegiate Athletes Compared to Non-Athletes B 11:14am-11:23am
Toresdahl, Brett Risk Factors Associated with Injuries in First-Time Marathon Runners: A 12-week Prospective Study B 11:59am-12:08pm
Varacallo, Christopher Percutaneous Ultrasound Guided Elbow Tenotomy Using A Novel Hydrosurgery System A 10:47am-10:56am
Watson, Andrew Decreased Sleep Duration and Quality Predict In-Season Injury in Collegiate Athletes B 10:20am-10:29am
Wilkins, Kimberly Prognostic value of Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test A 11:05am-11:14am


Ruikang, Liu Discrepancies in Child and Parent Reporting of Concussion Symptoms SUNDAY, 4/14/2019 1
Jorden, Komm Preliminary Study of Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation during Head-Down Tilt in Acutely Concussed Adolescents SUNDAY, 4/14/2019 2
Rishi, Patel Comparison of PCSS, BESS and Physical Exam for Identifying Balance Problems in Pediatric Concussions SUNDAY, 4/14/2019 3
Gale, Prentiss Time until Return to Play after Diagnosis of Concussion in High School Athletes SUNDAY, 4/14/2019 4
Andrew, Nobe Incidence and Epidemiology Data for Injuries in Elite, Male, Artistic Gymnasts During Gymnastics Competitions from 2008-2018 SUNDAY, 4/14/2019 5
Stephen, Spadafore Epidemiology and Etiology of Shoulder Dislocations Treated at United States Emergency Departments Between 1997 and 2016 MONDAY, 4/15/2019 1
Brian, Hill Retrospective Analysis of Shoulder Dislocations at a Colorado Ski Resort MONDAY, 4/15/2019 2
Angel, Bermudez Application of PROMIS Scores in Patients with Non-Arthritic Hip Pain Presenting to Sports Medicine Clinic MONDAY, 4/15/2019 3
Emily, Kraus Identifying Risk Factors Associated with Bone Stress Injury in Ultramarathon Runners MONDAY, 4/15/2019 4
Bryan, Botti Incidence of Causes of Adolescent Back Pain MONDAY, 4/15/2019 5
Luci, Olewinski Collegiate Athletes' Perceptions of Helmet Use while Riding Scooters or Mopeds TUESDAY, 4/16/2019 1
Carly, Day Assessment of Sleep Quality in Collegiate Athletes Using the Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire TUESDAY, 4/16/2019 2
Jill, Sylvester Timing of Splenic Injury and Infectious Mononucleosis: A Retrospective Analysis and Review of Return TUESDAY, 4/16/2019 3
Sarah, Weinstein A Comprehensive Prospective Examination of Purposeful Heading in American Interscholastic and Collegiate Soccer Players TUESDAY, 4/16/2019 4
Sigrid, Wolf Screening ECG Conversion to Abnormal Over Time in NCAA Division I Athletes: A 5-year Retrospective Analysis TUESDAY, 4/16/2019 5
Brittany, Moore Accuracy of Ultrasound Compared to MRI in the Diagnosis of Thumb Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries: A Prospective Study WEDNESDAY, 4/16/2019 1
Katherine, Rizzone Sport Specialization Is Not Associated with Increased Injury Incidence in Adolescent Female Soccer Players WEDNESDAY, 4/16/2019 2
Brennan, Boettcher Ultrasound Guided Partial Posterior Distal Iliotibial Band Release with a Cutting Wire: A Cadaveric Investigation WEDNESDAY, 4/16/2019 3
Victor, Huang The Diagnostic Utility of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in Evaluating Suspected Hip Fractures in the ED WEDNESDAY, 4/16/2019 4
Nicole, Gentile Implementing Exercise as a Vital Sign (EVS) to Assess Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Associated Disease Burden in Primary Care WEDNESDAY, 4/16/2019 5


Sellon, Jacob Consistency of Point-of-Care Platelet-Rich Plasma Product for Osteoarthrtis: A Quality Control Study SATURDAY, 4/13/2019 (1:35pm)
Erickson, Rachel The Clinical Effects of a Single Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection for the Treatment of Chronic Lateral Epicondylosis SATURDAY, 4/13/2019 (1:44pm)


Abbott, Kristin Impact of Surgical Intervention on Academic Performance in NCAA Student-Athletes 269
Adamson, Tyler Compliance with Organization-Based Pitching Guidelines Among Youth Baseball Coaches and Monitoring of "Hidden Throws" 51
Aerni, Giselle Correlation of lower extremity isokinetic strength measures and lower extremity injuries in Division I NCAA athletes 91
Annett, Scott The State of SPORTS Ultrasound Training and Utilization in Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowships 274
Armento, Aubrey Pre-Operative Competition Level and Expectations of Returning to Sport after Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction 171
Baillargeon, Elizabeth A Novel Pre-Season Evaluation for the Purposes of Injury Prevention in NCAA Division I Cross-Country Runners 129
Bailowitz, Zach Inter-Rater Reliability of an Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Patellar Tracking 275
Balcik, Brenden Distance Runners in Appalachia: A Survey of Injuries, Training and Dietary Habits 145
Balcik, Brenden Feasibility of Utilizing Students to Administer an Adapted SCAT-5 in an Emergency Department Setting 146
Bankert, Eric Concussion Symptom Reporting Across Age Levels 1
Batterton, Elizabeth Patient Factor Influence on the Composition of PRP/BMAC Preparations for Non-Surgical Treatment 169
Baxter, David Differences in Baseline Functional Measures Prior to Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain in Division-I Student-Athletes 130
Beidleman, Matthew Heat-Related Injury at a Division I College Football Stadium During the 2018 Season 237
Boettcher, Brennan USG Release of the Proximal Adductor Longus Tendon Using a Cutting Wire: A Cadaveric Investigation 276
Boyce, Brett The Use of Neurofascial Prolotherapy for Treatment of Chronic Regional Musculoskeletal Pain 217
Brown, Matthew Confidence of NCAA Div 1 Student-Athletes to Independently Utilize Healthcare 131
Carey, Stephanie How Effective is the Musculoskeletal Screen During Mass Pre-Participation Physicals? 202
Cho, Yusik Prediction of Medial Meniscal Injuries in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) 92
Chun, Benjamin Concussion Epidemiology in Youth Sports: an Analysis of 6 Years of Incidence Data in a State-Wide High School Sports Program 2
Chung, Jane Pediatric Basketball-Related Injuries: Sex and Age-Based Trends Over the Last 10 Years 238
Colberg, Ricardo Comorbidities Affecting Plantar Fasciitis Response to Percutaneous Plantar Fasciotomy Using Microdebrider Coblation Wand 114
Colberg, Ricardo A Novel U/S-Guided Trigger Finger Release and Diagnostic Testing Techniques 115
Cole, David Concussion and Subsequent Lower Extremity Injury in High School Football Athletes 3
Comer, Frances Getting Pediatric Residents into the Rotation 270
Conde, Alissa An Evaluation of the Sports Outcomes and Reporting System in a Pediatric Sports Medicine Practice: A Closer Look at the FAAM 52
Cook, Laura Differences in Serum Biomarkers in Youth after Concussion 4
Cummings, Keith Does Dry Needling Reduce Subsequent Soreness and Cramping After a Running Race? 147
Daniel, Kayla Tendinopathy in Adolescent Athletes, Not Just an Adult Problem 53
Denq, William Epidemiology of Concussions among Skiers and Snowboarders Presenting to U.S. Emergency Departments from 2013-2017 5
Desir, Maykel Hypertension Screening in Adolescent Athletes: Analyzing the Value of Repeat Blood Pressure Readings 203
Dreher, Geoffrey Acute Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries After Sports Related Concussion By Sport Classification in Division I Athletes 6
Dubon, Mary Youth Dance Specialization: A Pilot Study 54
Edison, Bianca Sports Performance, Sleep and Anxiety in Adolescents: Preliminary Results of a Longitudinal Study 77
Edison, Bianca Effect of Lower Extremity Static Alignment on Dynamic Valgus in Adolescents Following ACL Reconstruction 78
Edwards, David Key Drivers of Sports Medicine Physician Well-Being and Satisfaction 239
Ferderber, Jason Follow-Up of Sports and Recreation-Related Cervical Spine Tenderness in Pediatric Patients with Negative Imaging in the ED 55
Flannery, Robert Protective Equipment Removal in an Emergency 271
Fosselman, Daniel An Objective Method to Assess and Recommend Exertion and Exercise for Return to Play Post Concussion 7
Garff, Shaun Standard of Care for Post-Concussion Syndrome: An fMRI-Based Multi-Modal Therapy Method 8
Gerena, Louis Comparing the Prevalence of Elevated Blood Pressures in Adolescent Athletes and Their Physician Recommendations 56
Gould, Sara Post-Traumatic Headache Therapy: Efficacy of Oral and Interventional Treatments 9
Greene, Steven Self-Perceptions on Fitness to Drive in Collegiate Athletes Following a Sport-Related Concussion 10
Gubanich, Paul Parameters Affecting Adolescent Athletes' Performance on the Modified Balance Error Scoring System (mBESS) 17
Hahn, Marlee Assessment of Musculoskeletal Knowledge Among Primary Care Physicians and Orthopedic Surgeons 93
Hales, John Do Elevated Pre-Season BESS Scores Predict Development of Lower Extremity Injury in Division I Football Players? 218
Hall, Cara Improving Musculoskeletal Education in Primary Care Residency Programs 272
Ham, Jeffrey Hypertension in Adolescent Athletes: A Comparison of Two Blood Pressure Guidelines 57
Holman, Anna The NICA Injury Surveillance System:  Descriptive Epidemiology of Injuries in Interscholastic Mountain Bike Racing 165
Holman, Anna Validation of Sham Dry Needling in Runners 166
Holschen, Jolie Assessment of Concussion Management with Comparison by Specialty 18
Howard, Julia Near Point Convergence and King Devick Test: Predictors of Prolonged Concussive Syndrome? 19
Ikpeama, Uzoh Cardiac Arrests During the Houston Marathon: A Case Series 148
Jacobs, Brian Why Are Youth Hockey Participation Rates Increasing Despite a National Rise in Concussion Awareness? 20
Jacobson, Laura Sex Differences in Patellofemoral Joint Stress During Running 149
Jayabalan, Prakash Walking the Golf Course Versus Using a Motorized Golf Cart in Subjects with Knee Osteoarthritis 94
Johnson, Shelby Evaluation of Concurrent Popliteal Artery Entrapment and Anterior Compartment Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome 95
Kaiser, Kimberly Validation of Rapid, On-Field, Point of Care Lateral Flow Device for Detection of Sport-Related Concussion 21
Kasper, Korey Case Series: Outcomes of Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissections in a Primary Care Sports Medicine Clinic 96
Kelln, Ryan Difference in Recovery Times Between Sexes Following Concussion 75
Kelln, Ryan Biomechanical Symmetry during Landing and Takeoff in Adolescent Athletes Following Recent ACL Recons 76
Kienstra, Carolyn Triple Threat: Characterizing Recreational Triathletes 172
Kornswiet, Matthew Retrospective Evaluation of Menstrual Cycle Phase and Use of Hormonal Contraceptive Medications at Time of ACL Tear 97
Lamb, Shannon Courtney Kay Severe Paediatric Traumatic Injuries in Sport: Examining the National Trauma Data Bank for Injuries in Common Childhood Sport 240
Lancaster, Brian A Comparison of Subjective to Objective Workload Monitoring in Collegiate Field Athletes 132
Leone, Vincent Development of a Patient Decision Aid for ECG Screening in Athletes 204
Lewis, Caitlin Gender Inequity in NCAA Head Team Physician and Head Athletic Trainer Positions 133
Lilly, Joshua Screening and Identifying Mental Health Diagnoses in the Student Athlete Population through the PPE 205
Lonegan, Christopher A Single Point Assessment Tool to Enhance Post-Concussion Outcome Measures in Athletes 22
Luetmer, Marianne The Feasibility and Effects of Acupuncture on Muscle Soreness and Sense of Well-Being 219
Matic, George Epidemiology of Injuries in Incoming Division I Collegiate Rowers 241
McCool, Logan Incisionless Tarsal Tunnel Release: An Ultrasound-Guided Cadaveric Validation Study 277
McKeag, Ian Thinking Ahead: Hip Abductor Strength Testing in Young Athletes 58
McKnight, Darwin The Impact of Clinical Factors in Physician Decision Making for Concussion Return to Play: Insight f 23
Medellin, Joseph The Functional Movement Screen and Injury Rates in Local High School Athletes 98
Mehech, Daniela Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Return to Play after Sports-related Concussion 24
Meirick, Paul Vitamin D Inadequacy in Athletes and Use of a Vitamin D Seasonal Variation Calculator for Screening and Treatment 206
Milburn, Nate Evaluation of Sports Medicine Musculoskeletal Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residency Programs 119
Milburn, Nate Literature Review on Treatment Options for Neurogenic Quadrilateral Space Syndrome 120
Miles, Christopher Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perspectives of Parents and Coaches of Women's Gymnastic Injuries 25
Miller, Emily Bone Health and Energy Availability in Ultramarathon Runners 150
Milzman, Dave Sideline Balance  Screening for Concussion: SWAY VS. BESS 116
Milzman, Dave Presence of Third Molars Predicts Increased Mandible Fractures in Blunt Facial Trauma in Contact Sports Athletes 117
Milzman, Dave Plain Radiographs for Patellar Fractures and Knee Sprains: Beyond the Ottawa Rules 118
Mitchkash, Matthew Association of load rates to bone stress injuries in runners 151
Monseau, Aaron Unreported Concussion Lowers In-Game Performance of NCAA Division 1 Football Players 26
Moran, Byron Relationship of Mood Severity Symptom Scores to Presentation and Treatment of Acute Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome 31
Mortazavi, Mo Near Point Convergence Prediction of Return to School 197
Mortazavi, Mo Near Point Convergence as a Clinical Predictor for Exercise Tolerance 198
Mortazavi, Mo The Relationship between Academic and Exercise Tolerance in Pediatric Concussion Cases 199
Naik, Heli Professional Women's Softball Injuries: An Epidemiological Cohort Study 242
Narducci, Dusty Is Running Your Therapy? 152
Narvel, Raed Long-Term Clinical Outcomes of Intra-Articular PRP Injections for Osteoarthritis of the Knee 99
Newby-Goodman, Marcia Elevated Pre-Season BESS Scores and Ankle Rehabilitation Did Not Change Risk of Concussion in Division I Football Players 32
Oddo, Anthony Making Headway for Discussions About Concussions: Experiences of Former Student-Athletes 33
Ofek, Erika Sleep Knowledge and Sleep Recommendation Practices Utilized by NCAA Division I Collegiate Athletes 246
Olivas, Jairo Menstrual Period and Contraception Use as a Predictor of Concussion Incidence and Symptom Severity 38
Olufade, Oluseun Evidence-Based Treatment of Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS) Caused by Gluteus Medius/Minim 220
Patel, Niraj Assessing the Health Literacy of High School Athletes 221
Patel, Rishi Comparison of PCSS, CISS and VOMS for Identifying Visual Problems in Pediatric Concussions 34
Propst, Matthew Examination of Factors Affecting Baseline KD, PCSI, mBESS Performance in a Cohort of Adolescent Athletes 35
Raiser, Sara Intracompartmental Pressure Testing for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome of the Forearm 100
Rajakulasingam, Yathavan Prevalence of Hypertensive Blood Pressure Amongst High School Athletes 127
Reese, Ryan The Effect of BMI on Return to Sport After Primary ACL Reconstruction 111
Richmond, John Repeat Triamcinolone Acetonide Extended-Release (TA-ER) in Patients with Bilateral or Unilateral Osteoarthritis (OA) 222
Rizzone, Katherine Serum Lead Levels in Bone Stress Injuries: A Cross-Sectional Study 134
Rizzone, Katherine Correlation of Burnout, Social Support, Self-Esteem and Other Influencers of Resilience in Collegiate Athletes 135
Rizzone, Katherine Resiliency in Collegiate Athletes: A Cross-Sectional Study 136
Robin, Ryan Can Residents Learn Ultrasound-Guided Knee Injections without Practicing on Patients or Cadavers? A Prospective Study 273
Rodenberg, Richard Preseason Training Program Improves Functional Movement and Range of Motion in High School Baseball 223
Ross, Michael Gait Differences Between Fast and Half-Fast Marathon Runners 153
Rudolph, Lauren Injury Epidemiology of the 36th Annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games 243
Schmitt, Meghan PROMIS Anxiety Survey Identifies More Patients with Anxiety Symptoms than PCSS 59
Schmitz, Tyler Relationship between Active and Passive Hamstring Flexibility and Short Distance Linear Sprint Speed in High School Athletes 154
Scott, Jasmine High Intensity Training: Knowledge and Gaps in Knowledge Among AMSSM Members 173
Seligman, Eva Knee Immobilizers for Acute Knee Pain: A Multicenter Assessment of Pediatric Provider Practices 73
Seligman, Eva Knee Immobilizers for Pediatric Patients in Maryland: Associated Diagnoses and Patient Characteristics 74
Shaw, Jesse An Eyes View of Athletic Concussion Utilizing the Pupillary Light Reflex 36
Smurawa, Troy Trends in Foot and Lower Leg Injuries in High School Dance 244
Soliman, Frederick The Impact on Return-to-Play Following Early Low-Intensity Exercise in Concussed NCAA Division One Athletes 37
Stracciolini, Andrea Early Sport Specialization in Young Female Dancers: Preliminary Analysis 167
Stracciolini, Andrea Sesamoid Injuries in Young Athletes Presenting to Sports Medicine Clinic 168
Sweeney, Emily Patient Outcomes Following Pediatric Fractures 60
Syrop, Isaac A Comparison of Ultrasonography vs. MRI in the Diagnosis of Bone Stress Injuries of the Lower Extremities 112
Tamminga, Kyle Effectiveness of Opt-In ECG Screening at Identifying High Risk High School Athletes 128
Taylor, Jock Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression Among Incoming NCAA Division I Collegiate Athletes 245
Thompson, Adam Should There be a Concern Over Purposeful Headers in Soccer for Those Who Have Had Prior Concussions 39
Turner, Meredith The Role of Strength Training Dosing on Outcomes in Individuals with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review 174
Vazquez-Galliano, Julio Why Patients Miss Their Appointments at Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal Outpatient Clinics 224
Watson, Andrew Sport Specialization and Injury in Middle School Athletes: A 1-Year Prospective Study 71
Watson, Andrew Sport Specialization and Illness in Middle School Athletes: A 1-Year Prospective Study 72
Weaver, Martin Percutaneous Ultrasonic Tenotomy: A Meta-Analysis 170
Weber, Jaimi Physical Fitness Requirements and Incentives Among Law Enforcement Agencies in Minnesota Metropolitan Cities 225
Wertz, Jessica Physician Satisfaction with Athletic Trainers in the Practice Setting 226
Wilson, Julie Sleep Problems after Concussion Among Youth Athletes 40
Wisinski, Jeffrey Does Somatic Dysfunction Lead to Lower Extremity Injuries in the High School Soccer Player? 113
Woods, Charonn Ultrasound Guided Achilles Tendon Scraping Outcomes for Mid-Portion and Insertional Achilles Tendionpathy 278
Zabawa, Luke Association Between Parental Understanding of and Adherence to Pitch Smart Guidelines and Youth Baseball Player Injuries 200
Zaslow, Tracy The Efficacy of Neuroimaging in Adolescent Patients with Concussion 79
Zaslow, Tracy Movement Variability in Pre-Teen and Teenage Groups in Sports Related Tasks 80
Zhao, Andrew Effects of Exercise on Relapse Rates in Patients undergoing Rehabilitation for Illicit Substances. 201