American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting
April 7-13, 2022 | San Antonio, TX

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Case Abstracts


Your Online Case Presentations will need to be formatted as a PowerPoint or PDF.

To accept your presentation and locate your presentation information, please login to the AMSSM website and go to My Account and select the My Abstract tab to view your updated online presentation information. You can also access a copy of your submitted abstract for reviewing/printing while developing your presentation slide from the My Abstract tab.
You must accept your presentation prior to posting your case in the site

Your presentation should consist of one-two slides (PowerPoint or PDF) and should include the following information:

  • Case history
  • initial physical exam
  • Labs
  • X-rays
  • Course of treatment
  • Return to play

Please follow this link to join the appropriate community to post your abstract: 

When posting your presentation to the community you will also need to label your abstract as follows:

PRESENTATION NUMBER: ABSTRACT TITLE (Example: C2021-010: Ankle Sprain in a Young Soccer Player)



You will need to upload your final PowerPoint presentation to the by 4/09/2021. Your Case Presentation should be posted here: 

If you have already joined, you can upload your presentation by joining the appropriate Case Abstract Presentation Community. If you have not yet joined the community you will be required to do so to present your abstract. In this platform your email address will be your username and will match your AMSSM preferred email address. You will need to create your password meeting the specified criteria. Once into the site,

You will need to check for comments and questions regarding your poster and respond appropriately. We have designated four specific time slots for poster presentations. The specific times that attendees will be directed to view the case posters are as follows:
  1. FRIDAY, APRIL 16: 10:05-10:35am PT (1:05-1:35pm ET) – CASE POSTER SESSION 2A (AMSSM COLLABORATE)
  2. FRIDAY, APRIL 16: 3:40-4:10pm (6:40-7:10pm ET) – CASE POSTER SESSION 2B (AMSSM COLLABORATE)
  3. SATURDAY, APRIL 17: 8:15-8:45AM (11:15-11:45am ET) – CASE POSTER SESSION 3A (AMSSM Collaborate)
  4. SATURDAY, APRIL 17: 10:40-11:10am PT (1:40-2:10pm ET) – CASE POSTER SESSION 3B (AMSSM COLLABORATE)

Please be sure to check in often during the designated times to answer questions. Aside from these specific times, we suggest that you check back daily throughout the 2021 AMSSM Virtual Annual Meeting to answer any additional questions that might come in later.

In addition, we invite you to upload your presentation to the AMSSM/AOASM CASE STUDIES TEACHING TOOL page. You will need to be logged into the AMSSM website to submit your abstract. Once logged in, click here



Please place your case into the template provided. Use complete sentences. Do not use abbreviations. Photos, imaging studies and other graphics must be submitted as JPEG or GIF files. A maximum of ten images can be accepted for each case. The size of the picture should be no larger than 500 pixels x 500 pixels or 150kb. Please delete all identifying references, such as patient name, from photo or imaging studies that you submit. Please note in your text where you want the image to appear using the terms Photo 1, Photo 2, etc. Submit the images using the attachment tool at the bottom of the template. Place the images in the order you include them in your text and make sure they match.


Podium presentations were sent separate instructions. Please refer to your email if your Case Abstract Status is Podium Presentation.